Henson Upgrades to the New IBOS 3.0

For 40 years, Henson has satisfied its customers’ needs for superior service and high-quality products. Through its Lumber and Metal divisions, the company has been able to provide a complete inventory of lumber and metal products coming from the most reliable and trusted brands in the industry. To maintain this level of excellence in terms of service and product distribution, Henson has taken steps to enhance how its websites performed by integrating each one with Builderwire’s IBOS 3.0 system.

Builderwire’s IBOS 3.0 has established a reputation of helping companies improve the way they do business with their customers. With IBOS 3.0, Henson is given the tools necessary to build an ordering and quoting catalog that can be accessed by customers anytime of the day. Using Builderwire’s innovative Connector technology, a communication link is established between Henson’s front-end catalog and its back-end system allowing the company to pull up any number of product items and display them on their website at the click of a button.

IBOS 3.0 also provides Henson with the means to set up an accounting system that offers real-time information which can be accessed by their customers 24/7. This includes current and archived documents dating back to a year such as order sheets, invoices, statements, quotes, and other balance details. Account information can also be synced using Quickbooks giving customers the ability to view and manage their financial statements, invoices, quotations, and date orders no matter where they are.

Management of online content and design has also been made convenient thanks to IBOS 3.0's content management system (CMS). With improved functionality and a user-friendly interface, Henson can easily manage their website’s overall content, keeping customers up-to-date with the latest company news and information. The new platform also provides Henson with an e-commerce system that will enable the company to set up online promotions, highlight featured items from their inventory, and create banner and sidebar advertisements - all of which can be displayed on their website.

Delivering high-quality products and superior service has been Henson’s recipe for success for the past four decades. With the new IBOS 3.0 powering its e-commerce website, expect the company to maintain its commitment of providing only the best products and services to its customers.



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